Who are we?
Introducing Sykes Digital Media.
We're based in Blackburn, East Lancashire.  A large town that we're proud of!

How can you help me?
Easily!  We build WordPress websites for everyone, from home to business customers.

How long have you been around?
Bit of a personal question isn't it?  Our Founder and Managing Director has been building websites since he developed a massive interest way back in the early days of WordPress, way back in 2012.  As an organisation, Sykes Digital Media was formed relatively recently after our director made a decision to bring two wholly owned businesses together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resolution are the images you're selling?
There's a guide on each series of images which shows you the resolution in which they're taken.

What payment method can I use on your store?
PayPal is currently the main method accepted.

Can I use your images commercially?
You can, however, please contact us for commercial image arrangements.

How can I contact you?
You may contact us by email, please click here.